FIBC Jumbo Bag with flat bottom and 4 Loops , Belt across the bottom and cover on the top

U-panel type Jumbo Bag made of circular, uncoated  PP woven Material , white colour

fabric (160 GSM), UV stabilized.

1 Filling Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm  

2 Discharge Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm

3 Lifting Loop – 04 nos. Corner loop, 30 cm above the bag

4 S.W.L – Over 1000 Kg.

5 Safety Factor – 5:1

6 Bag weight – 1.5 kg. (+/-2%)

7 Bag size (+/-2% cm.) – (90-120) x (90-120) x 150cm 

Raw materials are polymer materials, polymer materials in its synthesis, transportation, storage, processing and the final several processes of the product are bound to continue to deteriorate, physical performance indicators decline, namely aging. Aging performance such as yellowing, loss of ze, product surface cracking, powder (polypropylene), more serious is the tensile strength, impact strength, bending strength and elongation at break and other mechanical properties decreased significantly, thus losing performance.


There are many natural aging factors for raw materials and products, such as heat, ultraviolet light, wind, frost, snow and rain, etc., and there are more aging factors for products, such as long-term load, stacking pressure, external mechanical forces, electrostatic forces and corrosion of internal materials.

Plastic knitting enterprises should be aware that the pellet material of plastic knitting polypropylene raw material has been added in the production process. The resin manufacturer guarantees that no significant aging will occur during production, storage and transportation. But the powder does not add anti-aging agent, plastic knitting enterprises should not be stored for too long, because the powder surface layer will aging seriously with the storage time, polyethylene raw materials used in plastic knitting, generally do not need to consider storage and transportation aging.

FIBC Jumbo Bag with flat bottom and 4 Loops , Belt across the bottom and cover on the top Related Video: