FIBC Jumbo Bag with flat bottom and 2 Loops , Belt across the bottom

U-panel type Jumbo Bag made of circular, uncoated  PP woven Material , white colour

fabric (160 GSM), UV stabilized.

1 Filling Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm  

2 Discharge Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm

3 Lifting Loop – 04 nos. Corner loop, 30 cm above the bag

4 S.W.L – Over 1000 Kg.

5 Safety Factor – 5:1

6 Bag weight – 1.5 kg. (+/-2%)

7 Bag size (+/-2% cm.) – (90-120) x (90-120) x 150cm 

The Jumbo bag can be customized according to the special needs of the end user, including the size of the bag body and the loading and unloading port, the style of the sling, the specifications of the base cloth, whether the film should be coated, whether the inner bag should be etc. It can also be designed according to the characteristics of the product.

Load the material. First, hang the lifting ring of the container bag symmetrically on the beam of the filling machine to make the bottom of the container basically contact the ground. Then, open the charging port of the container, put it into the charging cylinder and clamp it by the clamping device to avoid the leakage of dust or particles. Start the filling machine to load the raw materials into the bag from the loading port. Straighten the bag body before filling. After filling, close the charging port. If the container bag with discharge port is used, check whether the bottom is tied properly before filling.

Load the car. The hoisting ring of the container bag is balanced on the lifting device. According to the type and loading weight of the container bag, forklift, crane, crane, etc., can be used. If the forklift is used to lift the container bags, the plate should be adjusted to the proper position, the container bags should be close to the forklift, do not tilt forward. Is the balance of the center of gravity of the bag body during lifting, pay attention to do not hang a single ring. Then, the lifting device is started to slowly lift the container bag, and when it reaches a certain height, it is evenly placed on the platform of the train (or car). If it is not necessary to load and take away immediately, it should be stacked neatly in the work site. 

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