FIBC Jumbo Bag with 4 Loops, discharge spout on the Bottom

U-panel type Jumbo Bag made of circular, uncoated  PP woven Material , white colour

fabric (160 GSM), UV stabilized.

1 Filling Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm  

2 Discharge Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm

3 Lifting Loop – 04 nos. Corner loop, 30 cm above the bag

4 S.W.L – Over 1000 Kg.

5 Safety Factor – 5:1

6 Bag weight – 1.5 kg. (+/-2%)

7 Bag size (+/-2% cm.) – (90-120) x (90-120) x 150cm

Jumbo bag is suitable for all kinds of solid materials, such as chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, additives, mineral materials, refractory materials and so on.

Precautions for loading and unloading ton bags

Although the use of ton bags is very wide and simple, but in the use of ton bags, it must be strictly implemented in accordance with the construction code. Below to give you some popular science, about the ton bag in the loading and unloading matters needing attention.

1. When using tons of bags for transportation operations, the hook must be hung in the central part of the sling or rope. Do not slant, single side or slant pull, which is easy to cause danger.

2. When tons of bags are placed outdoors, they should be placed on the shelves. Cover tightly with opaque cloths.

3, in lifting operations, workers do not stand under the ton bag, easy to fall.

4. During operation, the ton bag should not have friction with other items as far as possible. To prevent tons of bags from being hooked up or bumped and falling.

5. Do not pull the sling in the opposite direction.

6. Ton bag When using forklift, be sure not to prick the ton bag with the fork, so as to avoid breaking the ton bag.

7. After use, tons of bags need to be wrapped with paper or opaque shed cloth and placed in a ventilated position.

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