FIBC Jumbo Bag with 4 Loops, discharge spout on the Bottom ,open Mouth

U-panel type Jumbo Bag made of circular, uncoated  PP woven Material , white colour

fabric (160 GSM), UV stabilized.

1 Filling Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm  

2 Discharge Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm

3 Lifting Loop – 04 nos. Corner loop, 30 cm above the bag

4 S.W.L – Over 1000 Kg.

5 Safety Factor – 5:1

6 Bag weight – 1.5 kg. (+/-2%)

7 Bag size (+/-2% cm.) – (90-120) x (90-120) x 150cm 

The tonnage bag can generally be customized according to the special needs of the end user, including the size of the bag body and loading/unloading opening, the style of the sling, the specification of the base fabric, whether it must be coated or not, whether it must have an inner bag, etc. It can also be designed according to the characteristics of the product.

Loading. Firstly, hang the bag lifting ring symmetrically on the filling machine beam, so that the bottom of the bag is basically in contact with the ground, and then open the filling mouth of the bag, put it into the filling cylinder and clamp it by the clamping device to avoid the leakage of dust or particles. Start the filling machine to fill the raw material into the bag from the filling mouth, and fill the bag after straightening it first. After the filling is finished, close the filling port. If you use the container bag with discharging port, you should check whether the bottom is tied well before filling.

Ton bags are mostly used for various solid materials, such as: chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, additives, mineral materials, refractory materials, etc.

Notes on loading and unloading of ton bags

Although the use of ton bags is very wide and easy, but in the use of ton bags, but also must be strictly implemented in accordance with the construction specifications. The following side to give you some science and technology, about ton bag in the loading and unloading precautions.

1, in the use of ton bags for transport operations, the hook must be hung in the central part of the sling or rope, do not slant hanging, single-sided hanging, tilting hanging, easy to cause danger.

2、Ton bag should be placed on the shelf when it is placed outdoors. Use opaque shed cloth to cover tightly.

3、When carrying out lifting operation, workers should not stand under the ton bag, which is easy to fall.

4、When operating, the tonnage bag try not to rub with other items. Prevent the tonnage bag is hooked or collision, the situation of falling.


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