FIBC Jumbo Bag with 4 Loops, discharge spout on the Bottom & cover on the top

U-panel type Jumbo Bag made of circular, uncoated  PP woven Material , white colour

fabric (160 GSM), UV stabilized.

1 Filling Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm  

2 Discharge Spout – Dia 35 cm x Height 50 cm

3 Lifting Loop – 04 nos. Corner loop, 30 cm above the bag

4 S.W.L – Over 1000 Kg.

5 Safety Factor – 5:1

6 Bag weight – 1.5 kg. (+/-2%)

7 Bag size (+/-2% cm.) – (90-120) x (90-120) x 150cm 

International Standard Ton Bags (also known as Jumbo Bags / Space Bags / Flexible Containers / Ton Bags / Ton Bags / Space Bags / Compartment Bags): It is a flexible transport packaging container. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-resistant, stable and safe, and has sufficient strength in structure. Due to the ease of loading, unloading and handling of container bags, the loading and unloading efficiency has been greatly improved, and developed rapidly in recent years. Container bags are generally made of polyester fibers such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

Jumbo bags production process: take polypropylene as the main raw material, add a small amount of stable spices and mix evenly, melt and Extrusion the plastic film through the Extrusion machine, then cut it into filaments, then stretch, and make high-quality bags through heat setting are spinning PP raw silk with low strength and low elongation and wrapping it to make the basic fabric of plastic woven cloth, and then sewn with accessories such as slings to make ton bag.

FIBC bag products have a wide range of applications, especially for packing bulk cement, grain, chemical raw materials, feed, starch, minerals and other powders, granular objects, and even dangerous goods such as calcium carbide.It is very convenient for loading, unloading, transportation and storage. Container bag products are still in the rising development stage, especially pallet-shaped one-ton container bags, which are more popular.

It is convenient for bulk powder materials to be shipped, and it has the characteristics of large volume, light weight, easy loading and unloading, and is one of the common packaging materials. It has a simple structure, is light in weight, can be folded, takes up little space when you return empty, and the price is low.

FIBC Jumbo Bag with 4 Loops, discharge spout on the Bottom & cover on the top Related Video: